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Private Pay Patient Advocates We are Here to Help You and Your Family

  • Are you overwhelmed communicating with multiple physicians?
  • Are you frustrated trying to interpret medical terminology?
  • Are you scared because you don’t understand your medical diagnosis and prognosis?
  • Do you live a long distance from a loved one with a complex medical condition who needs help?
  • Are your medications not helping or are the side effects worse than the benefits, but your physician won’t listen to you?
  • Are you tired of trying to organize transportation to medical appointments?
  • Do you need advice from someone who knows the good and not so good home care companies in your area?

If you have answered YES, to any of these questions, you could benefit from hiring a Patient Advocate!

What is a Patient Advocate?

A Patient Advocate is an experienced registered nurse who is also a Certified Case Manager in Michigan that advocates of behalf of their client (the patient). Preferred Case Management has many Patient Advocates on staff to serve you located throughout the State of Michigan including the Upper Peninsula.

What do Patient Advocates Do?

  • Patient Advocates attend physician appointments with their clients and they discuss their client’s current medical status and supply the physician with important facts about the client’s medical history.
  • They discuss the client’s medications and make recommendations if adjustments are needed.
  • Patient Advocates coordinate home care, durable medical equipment, and transportation.
  • They make sure that the client obtains all needed prescriptions during their appointments and they assist in getting their prescriptions filled, if needed.
  • Patient Advocates provide updates after appointments via phone or email to the family member who retained the Patient Advocate.
  • Patient Advocates are not affiliated with any hospital or medical group. They are independent and objective.
  • They know the physicians, therapists, community services and other providers in their area so they are able to make valuable recommendations to connect their clients with the most appropriate specialists/providers/ resources based upon their clients’ special needs/condition.
  • Patient Advocates do a monthly status report with an itemized invoice that goes to the family member/friend/client who retained the Patient Advocate so you know exactly the services that have been rendered.
  • The status report contains the following: the results from the previous month’s activities recommended; a complete list of providers the client is seeing along with addresses and phone numbers; a complete medications list with that includes the name of the medication, the dosage, the purpose of the medication and the prescribing physician; a medical update which contains a detailed list of activities performed by the Patient Advocate in date order; and activities recommended that indicates what the Patient Advocate intends to do over the next 30 days.
  • Attend care conferences and make periodic visits to long term care facilities.

Preferred Case Management accepts all major credit cards.
Please contact us at 866-477-2436 for a free consultation and to learn more about Patient Advocates.

Start the Process Now

Our Private Pay Patient Advocate Authorization Form sets forth the terms for hiring a Patient Advocate. Please click on the button below to read it. If you are satisfied, you can also start the process now by securely paying an initial deposit.

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