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Home Modification Coordination and Facilitation


PCM’s Home Modification Consultants facilitate the timely and cost effective modifications of a home by performing the following tasks:

  • Meet with the client and conduct an initial home modification evaluation of client’s home.
  • Meet with the assigned occupational therapist and the client to evaluate client’s functional needs and discuss home modification options.
  • Review the occupational therapist’s findings and recommendations, and request cost effective options, where possible.
  • Provide contractors with the occupational therapist’s finding and recommendations and coordinate contractor home visits and bids.
  • Analyze contractor bids by comparing said bids to the occupational therapist's recommendations. Prepare the contractor comparison and subtotal comparison worksheets.
  • Reconcile any differences, omissions, or lack of clarity in the bids and proposals.
  • Prepare a consolidated summary worksheet and support documents (pictures, bids, drawings, etc.) in one package to the decision maker.
  • Work as a liaison between the decision maker and the contractors for resubmissions, questions, and clarifications.
  • Facilitate the signing of contracts between the decision maker and the contractor chosen to perform the work and negotiate a schedule for payment based upon the completion of mutually agreed upon stages of the project.
  • Monitor the timely completion of work based upon the agreed upon stages for the completion of the project and provide the decision maker with monthly status reports.
  • Keep the decision maker apprised in a timely manner of any unforeseen issues that may arise, along with recommendations.
  • Conduct a final walk through of the home once work has been completed and verify that the work meets the contractual specifications.
  • If the home modifications are not up to the specifications, inform the decision maker of any problems and take the necessary steps to have the contractor’s work completed per the contractual specifications as soon as possible
  • Once the work is completed to the contract specifications, notify the decision maker and submit a closure report with photographs of the completed project.